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Glass Balustrade and Fencing

Glass Balustrade and Fencing, Glass Balustrade, Glass Railings and fencing, the modern finish to any home is commonly used for fall protection from decks and balconies. Glass railings offer the most modern look with uninterupted views of beyond as would normally be seen in a standard picket style balustrade. When used in any application above 1000mm from the finished ground level below, a balustrade must, by law incorporate a continuous handrail across the top of the entire rail unit to ensure stability and safety in the event a glass panel should break.

AliGlass Solutions glass balustrade and fencing designs feature clean lines and do not use any bottom rail supporting the glass as seen in other designs. By doing this the dirt and grime does not build up along the bottom rail creating an undesirable mess but rather runs off leaving a clean look while still keeping the strength and integrity of the product.

Glass Balustrade and fencing, commonly used around pools comes in various designs. As a pool fencing is normally on the ground level the need for the continuous handrail is not required as like a balustrade. As with the balustrade designs, AliGlass Solutions glass pool fencing designs use no bottom rail keeping a clean fresh look.

Using 8mm clear toughened glass in our balustrade designs and depending on the spans in pool fencing can be between 6mm and 12mm you can be assured that the view through your new Glass Fencing is clean and clear.

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